Amsoil Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil


A New Level of Motor Oil Technology.

Protects Your Engine

Maximizes Fuel Economy

Extends Drain Intervals

Keeps Pistons Clean

Excels in Extreme Temperatures

Reduces Oil Consumption and Emissions

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AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is excellent for use in all types of gasoline-fueled passenger cars and light trucks. It is recommended for all domestic and foreign vehicles requiring any of the following performance specifications:

0W-30 (AZO): API SN (Resource Conserving), SM…; ILSAC GF-5, GF-4…; ACEA A5/B5, A1/B1; Chrysler MS-6395; GM dexos1™ (supersedes LL-A-025, 6094M and 4718M).

Fortified with detergents that exceed dexos1 sulfated ash specifications.


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