• O/E replacement oil filters for most cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, & ATV's
  • 17 mm exposed nut designed for easy oil filter removal
  • Heavy duty construction for extreme conditions
  • Anti-drain back valve (where applicable) eliminates dry starts, prevents oil from draining back into crankcase during engine shutdown

32,90 lei

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K&N powersports oil filters contain a modern synthetic filter media, designed for ultimate flow with less pressure drop, yet engineered for outstanding filtration. K&N powersports 'spin-on' oil filters feature a heavy-duty metal can. Most of these have a 17 mm nut affixed onto the end that allows for easy removal. The 17 mm nut is crossed-drilled so racers can safety wire the filter to their bike.

KN-134 Filtru ulei se potrivește la Suzuki GSXR750, Suzuki GSXR750F, Suzuki GSXR750G, Suzuki GSXR750H, Suzuki GSXR750HG, Suzuki GSXR750R, Suzuki GSXR750XH, Suzuki GV1200 Madura, Suzuki GV1400 Cavalcada, Suzuki GV700 Madura, Suzuki VS700 Intruder și modele Suzuki VS750 .


89,99 lei
AIR FILTER OIL SPRAY lasă o pelicula protectoare pe suprafata filtrului de aer în scopul de a preveni...
42,01 lei
Filtru Ulei - Suzuki

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